Kim Schuessler




Kim Schuessler & Spanx

In February 2018, Spanx featured my work on a special edition of bras. Seeing my paintings on a Spanx product is more than just about having my art on intimate apparel. It is about a connection to a company and an entrepreneur that celebrates and encourages women. I love Sara Blakely because, just like her products, Sara supports, lifts and embraces women. My paintings speak visually of what Sara and Spanx do everyday and that is to honor the power, beauty, creativity and daringness of all women. I can’t think of a better place to have my art... and that is close to the heart of women on a Spanx bra! Thank you Sara and Spanx for choosing me as your first artist to feature on your intimate apparel.


Kim is Featured in InStyle Magazine Feb. 2018

These Spanx Bras Belong in the Metropolitan Museum of Art